Highly Filled Materials Institute, HFMI, was established at Stevens Institute of Technology in 1989 to investigate, both experimentally and theoretically, the rheological behavior, microstructure, processability and ultimate properties of highly filled materials, including suspensions, dispersions, and nanosuspensions.

Highly filled materials, loading levels of which are typically very close to their maximum packing fraction, are encountered in various industries, including biomaterials and biomedical devices, pharmaceutical, tissue engineering scaffolds, packaging for electronics, ceramics, personal care products, biomass conversion, intermediary and final food products, batteries, polymeric master- batches and compounds, nanocomposites and composites, construction products, EMF/EMI shielding, magnetic, and energetics. HFMI stays in contact with these industries in order to better define its research goals and to focus its efforts and equip its laboratories to address some of the immediate and long-term concerns. The Institute, activities of which are guided by an advisory board, carries out short- and long-term contract research for the government agencies and corporations.

The facilities of HFMI are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, including a mini-supercomputer and graphic workstations for numerical simulation, industrial-size continuous and batch processors, computerized data acquisition and process control systems, and equipment for characterization of microstructural distributions, magnetic and electrical properties, rheology, wettability and image analysis. The proprietary technologies of HFMI include magnetic shielding methods, on-line rheometry, disposal method for chemical munitions, x-ray-based quantitative degree of mixedness technique, injectable ceramic bone repair and regeneration compounds, and three-dimensional FEM-based source codes for 3-D simulation of single and twin screw extrusion, molding and die flows.



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